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Boston College : A Semester Studying Abroad

Published on February 14, 2019 Updated on February 14, 2019

Combining her passion for international and current events, a dream come true for Tatiana who is studying Economics and Political Sciences at ICP. Read more about her semester at the prestigious Boston College.

Tatiana is a member of the Model United Nations Student Association at ICP. Through her involvement, she was able to participate in international conferences as a delegate, in both Prague and Edinburgh. This commitment allowed her to combine, her academic training with her passion and eventually seize the opportunity to study abroad for a semester. She was selected to study abroad at Boston College, after going through the rigorous selection process, thanks to her excellent academic record.

Six Months Studying Abroad

Before leaving, I had the chance to meet Boston College exchange students on campus who were studying at ICP, through events organized by the Delegation of International Affairs.

When I found out that I would be going to Boston College, I quickly made sure to select the courses, which could be of interest to me. I also communicated with my professors and the International Department at Boston College. In addition, I immediately began my housing search and the administrative procedures for my visa.

How were your first days at Boston College?

campus bostonBefore starting the semester, I was invited to participate in the three-day Orientation for international students at Boston College. We attended multiple information sessions, where we were able to meet with the administrative staff, who were there to respond to all of our questions. Each student was assigned, an International Assistant to accompany us throughout the semester. They also organized activities for international students.

Sometimes referred to as an «average-sized campus», I instead discovered a campus that was quite large, a real university town! The campus is made up of university and administrative buildings, as well as dorms, 8 libraries, a church, a stadium, gyms, a skating rink, and even a pool. The buildings have beautiful architecture, separated by multiple green spaces. There are also numerous activities offered on campus each week, including: dog therapy, free food, dance week, health week, to name a few.

How were the classes at Boston College? And how do they differ compared to France?

The American academic system differs from the French university system, especially in regards to the number of courses and course hours. The courses consist of 12 hours working in small groups in the classroom, often revolved around discussion. The classes are very dynamic and require lots of participation. Students must invest their time, often working from home on readings and essays. The professors are very approachable and close to their students: the students can go see them, to ask questions and for advice outside of the classroom.

How was the student life at Boston College?

boston campus 2From the very first week, a giant forum bringing together over 100 student associations took place on campus. Candy, drinks, bags, pens, and more, all used to attract students. Student associations play a very important role, and many students are involved in multiple associations at the same time. There is something for everyone!

My favorite memory was when I joined the Swing Dance team! We performed multiple times at different events such as « Dance Week », in addition to the end of the year show. This experience allowed me to not only learn a new dance, but also meet new friends from all over the world!

You will be surprised by how many people you will meet studying abroad and, most importantly you will form friendships that go beyond borders!