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Carnets de Mobilité – The International Event of the Year for ICP Students!

Published on March 7, 2019 Updated on March 13, 2019

The 3rd edition of the annual « Carnets de Mobilité » took place this past March, an event dedicated to students interested in studying abroad.

An International Event
The Carnets de Mobilité is an annual international event at ICP, organized by the Delegation of International Affairs. This event brings together students who have just come back from studying abroad, with those who will be going abroad next year. In addition to international exchange students, currently studying at our campus. It is a key moment, where students can meet and share their experience.

CarnetsThis year approximately 170 students attended. Our international student ambassadors took center stage, to discuss their experience studying in Italy, Argentina, Lebanon, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK, and the US. Students shared personal memories from their time abroad:

“I met Courtney four years ago through the “ICP Buddy Association”. She was an exchange student during the Fall 2014 semester at ICP. At that time, I was her “buddy” and we have been friends ever since. As soon as she learned I would be studying at CUA for a semester, she invited me over to spend Thanksgiving with her family. It was her time now to show me around, as I did for her in Paris four years ago. Her family hosted me as if I was part of their family. Long story short, I never ever felt homesick during the semester I spent abroad.”

Camille PETIN-, Master Student in the Languages, Literature, and Foreign & Regional Civilizations- English program

Why Should You Study Abroad?

CarnetsEach year more than 150 of our students study abroad during their studies at ICP. Studying abroad is a unique opportunity to participate in an exchange program, and study during a semester or a year, at one of our 135 partner universities. Students take courses similar to those they would have taken at ICP. Once students have arrived at the partner universities, the same rules apply to them, as for all the other students. Beyond the academic aspect, studying abroad is also an opportunity to discover a new culture, improve your foreign language skills and on a personal level, to step outside of one’s comfort zone and learn to be autonomous, independent, and mature.

« You will be surprised by how many people you will meet studying abroad and most importantly you will form friendships that go beyond borders! » Tatiana, 3rd year undergraduate student, in our Economic & Political Sciences Program, who studied abroad at Boston College in Fall 2018.

CarnetsICP welcomes exchange students from around the world each year. This year, we have approximately 70 students coming from all corners of the globe, including : Switzerland, Taiwan, Brazil, United States, South Korea, Portugal, Japon, Canada, Lebanon, Germany, Italy, Spain and many more.