Catholic University of Paris: Campus Closed

Published on March 13, 2020 Updated on April 22, 2020


ILCF is offering online courses - April 17th, 2020

Because of the COVID-19, ILCF is adapting its courses and offering online courses to allow students to learn French online.
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Easter message from the Rector to the University community of ICP - April 9th, 2020 

Thanks to the adaptability and inventiveness of our collaborators, we have done our best to ensure the continuity of teaching, listening to all of our students.

To the university community of ICP,

Here we are, entering the fourth week of containment. These days have forced us to be adaptable and inventive every day, in order to best ensure the continuity of our activity, including teaching and research in the context of the health crisis in our country, and the whole world. ICP has risen to this new challenge. Who would have thought that we could implement distance learning in the space of a few days, in such an effective and efficient way? This was possible thanks to the commitment of all, despite the significant difficulties that some faced.

These first weeks of containment were trying for many. The loneliness in a student’s room, comrades or colleagues and loved ones, who are far away. In addition to social distancing measures, and technical difficulties adding to the anxiety concerning the disease and the future, sometimes experiencing mourning, and the fact that it is impossible for us to come together to share what upsets us. I have received many testimonies of solidarity and mutual assistance between students as well as within our teaching and administrative teams. They touched me deeply, and certainly you as well. Despite the geographic distances, we remain a community: going through these separate trials, together.
As Easter approaches, we are entering a special period, which usually allows for a break. While there are, still many uncertainties as to when and how to get out of containment, I hope that these few days will be a truce for you, as much as possible, despite the preparation for exams. The academic community has done its utmost to keep them on schedule, under new terms, so that study pursuits are not affected.

Over the next few days, can you invent a way of experiencing confinement a little differently, away from screens and continuous information, to give priority to family and loved ones, or to those who are isolated and distant friends.

Please allow me to wish you each and everyone one of you a happy Easter. Be assured of my thoughts and prayers.

Philippe Bordeyne
Rector of the Catholic University of Paris

Message from the Rector - March 18th, 2020
Following the containment measures announced by the President of France and the French Minister of the Interior, the Catholic University campus has been completely closed since Tuesday March 17th, 2020 at noon, until further notice. Access to the campus is limited only to people whose physical presence is essential.

The intense mobilization of administrative and academic teams makes it possible to best ensure the continuation of  teaching thanks to digital tools and the administrative staff working from home. Students are kept informed by their academic advisors of the procedures to follow their courses online.

The different Catholic University of Paris services for students, staff and teachers continue their activities remotely and can be contacted, preferably by email.

This completely new test for our country is an opportunity for members of the Catholic University of Paris community to support each other in their civic and professional commitments. May everyone take care of their health and those of others, but also lavish their loved ones, starting with the most fragile, the marks of affection and kindness that will allow us overcome these turbulent times with dignity.

Philippe Bordeyne

Rector of the Catholic Unversity of Paris

Message dated March 13th, 2020

Following the decision of the President of the Republic, and pending additional information from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI), I wish to inform you that the Catholic University of Paris will be closed to the public from Monday, March 16th in the morning, until further notice.

This exceptional measure means that the campus will not welcome students, symposia and conferences on its campus. However, the campus remains open to all employees and teachers to ensure continuity of service.

The Catholic University of Paris will make every effort to ensure the continuity of its teaching and research mission based on the distance learning tools that the establishment is equipped with, Online resources and the Digital Workspace (ENT) remain accessible.

Information concerning the organization of teaching will be given on Moodle. The usual contacts for faculties and organizations remain available to everyone, preferably by email.
The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) was activated this morning at 9 a.m. Under my chairmanship, it will permanently monitor developments.

I thank the students, the teachers and all employees for their commitment and their civic spirit. More than ever, we remain a united university community in the service of our missions.

Philippe Bordeyne

Rector of the Catholic University of Paris