Becoming Parisian at ILCF

Yunxuan Chen is from China and currently a rising sophomore at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, USA.

Charli James, France 24 Journalist & Alumna of ILCF

Charli James is a journalist for the French news channel, France 24. She also runs the blog "Am I French Yet?". She was a student at ILCF in 2017, read more about her experience:

Yumi: From Tokyo to Paris

Yumi TSUKAMOTO is a student at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. She is currently studying at ICP as an exchange student for a year. Read more about her unique experience.

Annie: From Washington D.C. to Paris!

Annie Ospeck is studying International Relations and Art History at the American University in Washington, DC. She is currently studying French at ICP for a semester, read about her experience.

Brendan: Learn a New Language at Any Age!

At 67, I must be one of ILCF’s oldest students. I previously worked as a producer with both the BBC and the Irish broadcasting service RTÉ, before becoming Arts Editor of the English Catholic weekly The Tablet. Now here I am in Paris surrounded by students a third of my age.