Master in International and European Business Law

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Type of training
State diploma
Prerequisites for enrolment
Bac + 3
Admission Procedure
Length of studies
4 semesters
Tuition Fees
7, 500€ per year
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Master in International & European Business Law

Successful international business lawyers require not only mastery of legal issues, but also understanding the political, economic, financial and social issues of the modern world.

Overcoming the linguistic and cultural barriers of the professional intervening in the only national regulatory context, they can dialogue with partners, lawyers or entrepreneurs of foreign culture, in order to propose operational responses adapted to globalization of Law.

In order to face these complex and interconnected issues, a complete and up-to-date training of international business lawyers must include, alongside in-depth lessons in law, exposure to the disciplines of management, the impact of new technologies and areflection on a lawyer’s response to ethical questions.

With this in mind, the Catholic University of Paris is partnering with St Mary’s University London to offer students a two-year course in Paris and London, taught in English.
The Master’s program covers the main legal issues from a European and international perspective while giving students the keys to understand the business environment, as well as cultural benchmarks related to the globalization of business.

After the first year at ICP, in the center of Paris, the second year takes place entirely on the St Mary’s campus, just a half an hour away from central London, where students will experience a unique international cultural experience.

The courses are taught by a team of expert teaching staff from ICP, St Mary’s and the University of Poitiers and professionals from Paris and London, the entire program being placed under the control of a steering committee (Paris and London) composed of representatives of law firms, international lawyers and tax specialists.

At the end of the two years of study, students obtain a double award: a Master 2 in Law, State degree according to the convention signed with the University of Poitiers and a LLM from St Mary’s University, a French diploma and a British diploma, to help open the doors of the professional world of international business law.


At the end of the two years of study, students obtain a double degree:

  • a Master II of Law, State diploma in accordance with the University of Poitiers
  • a British LLM (issued by Saint Mary's University)
  • a French diploma and a British diploma, which open the doors to the professional world of International Business Law.


Institution partnerships

  • University of Poitiers
  • Saint Mary's University


Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac + 3

Admission Eligibility Requirements

This Master program is open to:

  • Students holding a Bachelor degree in Law from a French university or from a foreign university officially recognized by that country’s government.
  • Students in their 3rd year of a Bachelor program are encouraged to provide a certificate of completion as soon as possible. This is in order to confirm that they successfully completed the program and are eligible to apply for this Master.
Applicants, who are not native English speakers, must provide proof of meeting the English language requirements for this program:
  • IELTS: Minimum score of 6.0 overall with at least 5.5 in each section
  • TOEFL: Minimum score of 80 overall or more
  • Cambridge English Proficiency & Cambridge English Advanced: Minimum score of 169-175 overall or more



Admission Procedure

  • Applicants who deemed eligible will receive an admission interview request (there is the possibility to have a Skype interview, if you are unable to come in person to Paris).
Applications can also be sent by post, to the following address:
Institut Catholique de Paris
Faculté de Sciences sociales et économiques
21 rue d’Assas 75270 Paris cedex 06
In addition, applicants may submit the application documents by email.



Tuition Fees

7, 500€ per year

State-of-the-art education addressing the heart of contemporary business law issues.

The master's courses were designed in a two-year continuum, by a team of French and British professors, in order to ensure the coherence of the educational project.
Year 1:

Lectures - 1st semester
  • International Law
  • Introduction to the Law of the United Kingdom
  • Practice of English for Lawyers
  • Introduction to Economics for Business Lawyers
  • Accounting for Lawyers
  • Taxation
  • Humanities: Philosophy and Business Ethics
All lectures taught in English except Accounting and Taxation.

Lectures - 2nd semester
  • European freedoms
  • EU Competition Law
  • Seminar on European Institutions
  • International and European Taxation
  • Humanities 1: Political Sciences (European Union)
  • Humanities 2: Multi-disciplinary approach to a Law of Artificial Intelligence
Students are encouraged to undertake an internship or have a work experience during the summer period.

Steering Committee of the Master

To ensure the link with the professional world of International Business Law, the Master has an Orientation Committee, composed of Lawyers, Corporate Lawyers, Members of Authority or French or International Jurisdictions. The orientation committee validates the pedagogical orientations of the Master. It assists the Faculty and the students of the Master's degree, in particular by promoting students' contacts with legal professionals and their familiarisation with the practice of business.

Career Opportunities

  • Work at international business law firms and / or international legal departments of large corporations.
  • Pass the bar exam to become a lawyer.