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Tuition Fees
4500€ TTC
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Through its exclusive Partnership with IFOMENE (Institute of training in Mediation and Negotiation), IFOMENE & CEDR is now able to offer the sole English Mediator Skills Training programme in Paris.

CEDR Mediator Skills Training course has been developed to reflect best practice in training delivery and the evolving practice of mediation with an emphasis on the practical application of the skills required by an effective mediator.


Tuition Fees

4500€ TTC

This 6 days course is conducted using the following two modules process:

Module 1: Mediation in Practice - Foundation Skills Training

Dates : 11, 12, 13 Octobre 2016
Learning and applying the process and skills of mediation, involving practical exercise and role-plays, where all participants will get the opportunity to be the mediator and receive coaching and feedback from experienced mediators.

Module 2: Internationally Quality Assured Mediator - CEDR Accreditation
Dates : 15, 16, 17 Novembre 2016
This module will enable those who want to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and establish that they are of a quality consistent with other mediators internationally.

Conditions of validation

International Accreditation

For successful participants, this course results in the awarding of CEDR accreditation, recognised worldwide by top business as the badge of mediator quality.

This course will also result in permitting successful participants to undertake IFOMENE mediator part 2 certification (Diplôme Universitaire de médiateur 2nde Partie).

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