THEOLOGICUM - Faculty of Theology and Religious Sciences

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Considered a hub for both French-speaking and international theology with roots dating back to 1889, the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies (renamed Theologicum in 2009) offers a unique and flexible path of theological studies.

With 190 lecturers and almost 5 000 students, auditors, and interns, Theologicum is a diverse intellectual, human, and spiritual crossroads. It offers a range of specific and original disciplines, often unique to Catholic University of Paris, at the initiation, specialisation, and research levels of training which meet the academic standards of the Holy See.

Courses, which can be taken part-time, days, weekends, or evenings, fit a variety of family or professional circumstances. Courses include the three university stages in theology, and canonical diplomas are issued : canonical baccalaureates, canonical degrees (research masters) and canonical doctorates in theology, as well as the Catholic University of Paris' own diplomas.