Pedagogical Information

Learning Agreement

Exchange students must complete a learning agreement before they begin their mobility.

Students must therefore pre-select courses based on information gathered on the internet. However, it is very probable that you will change your learning agreement when you arrive in Paris, as times change from one year to another, and class times can overlap.

If this is the case, you can change your agreement. You can seek help from the international contact of your home faculty.

Careful: the courses offered between September and January can be different than those offered between February and June.

IMPORTANT: your learning agreement must be validated and approved by your home university.

Choice of Courses

As an exchange student at ICP, you can choose courses from one of 6 faculties.

Unlike French students, you are not required to attend all of the courses offered by a specific program that academic year, or all of the courses from the same "Unité d'Enseignement" or UE (course unit).
On the Diplômes page, you can access the websites for the various faculties and their departments.

Grading System and ECTS credits

The rule for awarding ECTS credits to exchange students is the following: ECTS credits (3 on average) are awarded for each course completed.

To pass an exam, you must receive a minimum note of 10/20. You will receive your transcript via email in the 2 months following the end of the examination period.

Required Level of French

The Catholic University of Paris is a French-speaking university. The language of instruction is therefore French for most courses.
A B2 level of French is the minimum required for non-native speakers to attend a Bachelor's degree programme at our university. A C1 level is required to master's and PhD students.

IMPORTANT : If you want to effectively develop your French language skills, you can sign up for a French as a Foreign Language course at the ILCF - Institut de Langue et de Culture Françaises. Located on the ICP campus, the ILCF offers instruction certified "Qualité FLE," with qualified instructors, as well as personalized support adapted to each student.

As a foreign exchange student at the ICP, you will enjoy 20 hours of French as a Foreign Language instruction offered by the ILCF.

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