Practical Information

Welcome and Orientation Sessions

A Welcome and Orientation Session is organised for international students by the IRO at the beginning of each semester. It generally takes place over three days and includes: a presentation of the university and student services; a step-by-step explanation of the enrolment procedure; practical information about life in Paris ; a Seine river cruise close the session. It is also, of course, the occasion to meet with many other international students.

Residence Permit Office

A Residence Permit Office in direct contact with the French administration offices helps non-EU students with their immigration documents and visa renewal. The Office receives students four days a week throughout the year.


Five specialised libraries with online catalogues are open to all exchange students according to their discipline.

Social Security

The healthcare system in France includes mandatory health insurance (Social Security) and an optional complementary, top-up insurance (la mutuelle). Students who are citizens of the European Union must bring their European Health Insurance Card to France. All other students must apply for French social security before arriving in France, by signing up via the dedicated website:

French Social Security

Living Expenses

The main expenses when living in Paris are: housing, food and transportation. Please find below the average monthly budget for a single student living in Paris:
  • Rent: 900 € for a studio or private residence
  • Rent at a student residence: 300 à 500 €
  • Complementary health insurance: 15 €
  • Internet and mobile phone: approximately 30 €
  • School supplies: 20 €
  • Cultural outings: 100 €, can vary depending on the person.
  • Transportation: 1 métro/bus/RER ticket costs 1,90 €. For those who use public transportation every day, there are the following options:
  • Monthly subscription: The Navigo card costs 75,20 € per month (zone 1-5). "Imagine R" subscription: annual subscription reserved for students 26 years old and under. The fees are approximately 350 € per year.