Cultural Activities

The Catholic University of Paris shares its rich, artistic and cultural heritage through a diverse offering of events and activities.

At the Catholic University of Paris cultural development is tightly woven into the fabric of campus life. Whether in research, academics, or the arts, culture and cultural heritage plays an important role here.

The Catholic University of Paris' diverse programme of events encourages different disciplines and groups to mingle. University components and research centres offer a regular series of conferences, symposia and workshops throughout the year.

Themes range from political sciences, the environment, theology, religious sciences, philosophy, art, education, history, and literature, to name a few.
European Heritage Day is an opportunity to visit the Catholic University of Paris and discover its unique cultural heritage: historical buildings, museums (the Edouard Branly Museum, and the Museum of the Bible and the Holy Land), the garden, and Saint Joseph's Church and its crypt.

The “Parks and Gardens of the City of Paris” Day is also an opportunity to visit the Catholic University of Paris’ gardens - a haven of tranquillity for students and seminarists.

The Catholic University of Paris’ 6 libraries are an exceptional resource in terms of heritage. The Fels University Library has at least 600 000 volumes, as well as 280 readers’ desks.


The Student Life Office also sponsors cultural activities such as :

  • Theatrical performances by the Souffleurs de Vers
  • Concerts and events planned by student associations and offices
  • Debates
  • Conferences and workshops, etc.