Visiting Students (Part-time/Auditors)

It is also possible for students to enroll for just a few courses, a semester, a year, or as visiting students on a fee-paying basis.

An Opportunity for Personal Growth

You may choose from various courses in the undergraduate programs (known as "Licence" in French) regardless of your profile and academic background. You can tailor your programme by enrolling in one or more courses for a semester or a year in different faculties. Some courses are taught in English.

The International Relations Office is at your disposal, to help you build your own program of studies. Before you apply to any course, please check if there are specific admission requirements. If so, you will need to provide proof of your ability to follow that course (eg. diplomas and academic transcripts).

The difference between Auditors and Part-time Students

The difference between auditors and part-time students lies in the validation of courses.
Auditors do not validate the course. They do not take exams, they are given no grade, credits or diploma.

Part-time Students, on the other hand, sit for exams and are given grades and credits that are indicated on the transcript of records, delivered by the Secretariat of each faculty at the end of the semester. However, part-time students do not get any degree or diploma for the courses they pass.

How / Where do courses take place?

Courses take place mainly during the day ; on our main campus and usually last between one and two hours. Most courses are taught in French. All courses are taken alongside full-time students.
After the reception of you application form by the International Relations Office, you will receive a registration quote which gives you the authorization to finalize your administrative and financial registration.