Since January 2014, the ICP Alumni network has been welcoming both today's students and experienced graduates of the Catholic University of Paris. It is also open to ICP exchange students coming from other universities.

 In today's global economic climate, benefiting from the solidarity of a strong network, is a key lever to obtain a first job or to get promoted.

The ICP Alumni network has the following objectives :

  • Facilitate and encourage communication between experienced and recent graduates.
  • Collect internship opportunities for students and potential full time employment for young graduates.
  • Initiate sponsorship or coaching activities for students and young graduates.
  • Put in place concrete action plans leading to full time employment.
It will also allow our network to be more visible, encouraging external companies to propose career paths, new jobs and internship opportunities, thus improving the quality of the partnership between ICP and its business contacts.

At the service of students and graduates

As a collaborative platform, it has been created to be at the service of the entire Alumni community, as well as contributing to the local communities of students and universities. A wide array of services is available on this platform: phone and mail address, employment and internship offers, assistance when returning to a professional situation, calendars, information letters...

Build an international community

ICP Alumni also aims to keep close contact with all international students, who have studied at ICP, all over the world. By keeping the link between former students and their university and developing the sense of belonging, the ICP Alumni network is becoming a major tool in improving the visibility and status of our university throughout the world.