A first Ukrainian teenagers visit to ILCF

ILCF welcomed a group of Ukrainian teenagers and showed them around the Carmes campus.

An association that gives hope to young Ukrainians

Twelve Ukrainian teenagers are spending a few days in Paris and took the opportunity to visit ICP and the Institut de Langue et de Culture Françaises (ILCF). Some have lost a parent, others were kidnapped before returning to Ukraine, but all are dealing with the trauma of war and constant bombing in the town of Soumy, near the Russian border. The "Cultural Diplomacy" association and its president Ilona Solonina organize these trips, which represent an unexpected breath of fresh air for these young Ukrainians.

A relaxing day at ICP with ILCF

The ILCF team welcomed the group to the Maison de la Recherche for a moment of sharing and conviviality. The teenagers tried their hand at French, with one student proving particularly gifted. The visit of the campus inspired some of the teenagers to take advantage of the existing exchange between ICP and the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, in a few years' time. In the words of the President, "the children left with hearts full of gratitude and precious memories they will cherish for a long time to come."

Published on March 5, 2024 Updated on March 5, 2024