After Quarantine: First Impressions and Preparing for the Upcoming School Year

Despite uncertainties about the 2020-2021 school year, our academic and educational teams are mobilized to welcome you back to school, under quality conditions in strict compliance with health regulations.

Rentree 2020 Frederic ALBERT

During quarantine, the Catholic University of Paris was able to create new dynamics in order to carry out its teaching and research missions under unprecedented conditions. The commitment of all has ensured pedagogical continuity and distance exams running smoothly. Faculty and university bodies have played their role in accordance with the principles of collegiality and subsidiarity. A surge of solidarity circulated throughout all levels of the university community, supported by Alumni and Friends of ICP.

True to its values, the Catholic University of Paris emphasizes being welcoming and supportive

The health situation on a global scale continues to cause uncertainty about the way in which the 2020 school year will unfold, but our academic and teaching teams are engaged to prepare for the upcoming academic year, in strict compliance with health regulations.

In accordance with its values ​​and its charter, and in line with its Universitas strategic plan, our institution emphasizes hospitality, innovation, personal and integral development for everyone. This is the reason all of our courses, from the undergraduate level to the doctorate, greatly values face-to-face teaching, which promotes interactions and mutual knowledge. It also allows you to experience the campus and contribute to the life of student associations and initiatives. When lessons are taught remotely, digital technology is used for quality and innovation: group teaching, expert use of online resources, and personalized support.

In these times of major societal transitions, the Catholic University of Paris intends to embody more than ever its motto "An Open Mind to the World" encompassing three priorities: welcoming, innovating and building.

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Publié le June 29, 2020 Mis à jour le September 3, 2020

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