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Yuki and Felipe : students experiments of French courses at the ILCF Paris

The ILCF welcomes every year about 2500 students. All of them want to learn French but do they have the same goal ? What is the origin of their motivation that make them cross half the planet ?

Yuki (former japanese student) and Felipe (student from Colombia who is still attending courses at the ILCF) have totaly diferent backgrounds.
Meanwhile they told us both (through a short interview) how much they found the ILCF courses fitted to their needs.

They took good advantage of the lessons they took, and learnt much more about France than just the language!

These two students are a good example of the great diversity of profiles and cultures you can find in our classes: a Japanese artist whose passion is oil-paintings, and a Colombian tour guide lover of French gastronomy !

Let's discover these two testimonies (in French) :
Lieu(x) :
Publié le August 12, 2015 Mis à jour le May 10, 2016

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