Covid-19 :Continuing my studies at Saint Mary's University through remote learning

Axel and Foucault are students in the 2nd year of the International and European Business Law Master program. They were in England for the academic year. When the containment was announced, they had to hurry back home. They share their experience and tell us how they are continuing the program, through remote learning.

A premature return to France 

In the context of their second year in the Master of International & European Business Law program, Axel and Foucault were studying at Saint Mary's University Twickenham London in order to complete their double degree: a Master in French Law  and a British L.L.M.

"It is heartbreaking to have to leave London before the end of the program, because the experience has been very enriching both academically and humanly. The repatriation to Paris was a bit chaotic because my flight was canceled, there were no more seats left on the train. Luckily, I found a seat on a bus to return back home" explained Foucault.

Remote learning and exams 

The two students are unanimous : Saint Mary's University Twickenham London anticipated the situation and was very reactive, the educational continuity is going really well. All of the courses are maintained by high-quality videoconference; they are also in contact with the professors by e-mail. However, they have had to adapt to speaking online, which is more complicated than when attending courses in person. 

"Multiple times a week, we receive a newsletter from the University which updates us on the evolution of the situation" completed Axel.

The exams, more precisely the research work, are maintained and take place via an online platform as usual. The only change is that the presentations take place by videoconference. 

Solidarity between students in the program

For Axel, the pandemic hasn't changed anything, mutual aid has always existed, since the first year of this program. He maintains almost daily contact with the other students. Foucault also regularly keeps in contact with Professor Philippe Corruble, the Director of the Master in International & European Business Law program, since he is a class representative. Useful information about the program is shared through a group discussion. 

Feedback on the experience abroad and projects 

"I discovered a radically different culture even if we are close geographically speaking. I very much appreciated the pedagogy of Anglo-Saxon teaching, with a large place for interaction and for students to express their thoughts.", according to Foucault.

The two students are grateful for the enriching experience, even if it was shorter than expected: in particular interacting with other students in class, on campus but also during extra-curricular activities. Axel even took other evening courses at another University in London in order to further broaden his skills and meet new people.

Both have professional projects that they are trying to achieve despite the uncertainty surrounding current events.

Interested students also now have the option to complete the second year of the program at  Notre Dame Australia University in Sydney.

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Published on April 28, 2020 Updated on May 4, 2020

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