Bus and Metro

The RATP is the public transport corporation of Paris. The RER (train going through Paris to the suburbs) and suburban trains are governed by the national railway corporation (SNCF). The RERs share the network with the RATP and have the same fare inside the city.

If you take public transport regularly, you might consider one of the weekly, monthly or yearly passes that are cheaper than single tickets.

> For students younger than 26 years old.

> RATP website
> Cost and useful information regarding transport

It is preferable to buy tickets in books of 10 rather than a single, ask for "un carnet". Metro and Bus network maps are available in every metro station.
You can search for a detailed itinerary on the RATP website.

This is a bicycle self-service, available throughout the capital and a few neighbouring suburbs. Tickets to get a bicycle can be made with a credit card from any of the automatic machines by the bicycle stands. You must return your bicycle within 30 minutes to another stand, if not you will be charged an extra fee in addition to your rental ticket. Information on fares and how to subscribe to this service, are available on the Vélib' website.

To consult maps or some detailed routes of the city and/or the country, you may consult the websites Mappy (detailed route) or the Geoportail (satellite image of the country and precise maps from the Institut National de Géographie).