Learn French

The university's French language school, the Institut de Langue et Culture Françaises (ILCF), offers monthly, semester, yearly, evening & eLearning French Language Courses for non-native speakers at all levels including for French Teachers. Their website offers a presentation of all programmes in 17 different languages.

You wish to learn French in a private university located in the very heart of Paris, quickly consult the programme of courses offered at the Institut de Langue et Culture Françaises (ILCF).

You will find all information on courses, programmes and diplomas (general French, specialised French, business French, culture et civilisation...) and all you need to enrol.
There is a wide choice of sessions: by the month, semester, year, evening classes, for all levels from beginner to professional teaching level.

ILCF offers a presentation of its courses and services to students in 17 languages, just help yourself !